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P r o f i l e

H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani has founded this Law Firm during the year 1956 in Jeddah as the first office for legal consultations to be regularly founded in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment, our firm included an elite of Saudi, Arab and American legal consultants of wide range of experties and knowledge about all regulations prevailing in the Middle East region. Due to the expansion of business, and to the increasing number of the clients, His Excellency opened branches for the office in both Riyadh and Bahrain. Our office in Bahrain is the only foreign legal consultation office that is legitimately authorized to practice law in full independence from the local offices in Bahrain.

Of all the major business regions of the world, none is more distinctive in its legal, political, business and cultural environment than the Middle East. Reliable advice on Saudi Laws and customs is critically important in all Saudi business activities, since only Saudi Law applies to the exclusion of foreign laws. Saudi Law like Saudi culture is evolving rapidly, drawing from traditional, Islamic and Shari’a as well as from Western sources.

Understanding and successfully penetrating Middle East markets requires the guidance of experienced professionals familiar with and well connected in both the Western and Local communities. The Firm’s professionals provide the legal interface between local and foreign laws and customs which this convergence of traditional and modern influences requires.

The Firm actively promotes its client’s success, identifying new business opportunities as well as devising and implementing appropriate legal strategies. Through its diversity of experience and far-flung geographical presence and contacts, the Firm is uniquely equipped and positioned to assist multinational clients in developing profitable and sound Middle East business.

In the beginning of the year 2002 , the administrative structure of the Jeddah ( main office ) has been developed and changed by bringing in and setting up a new  general management to coordinate and supervise the offices of Jeddah, Riyadh and Bahrain.

Our Firm provides all legal services supported with the most recent researches, studies as well as the latest information tools and communications technologies.

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