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C l i e n t s


Some of The Authorities and Companies  dealing or have previously dealt with our Firm:

Procter & Gambel

Mohamed Bin Laden Company LTD.

Al-Olayan Co.

Al-Qussayby & Brothers Co.

Philipe Holtzman


Arab Asian Bank

Arab African Bank

Saudi American Bank

Ibrahim Al-Juffali & Brothers Co.


Standard Corporation


Hanyang Corporation

Johnson Controls

Modern Industries Co.

Al-Falafal Co.(Swedish co.)

Ministry of Transport in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Airlines Corporation.

  Meteorology and Environmental Protection

Saudi Company for Electricity Standard

Saline Water Conversion Corporation.

British Airways



  Maroppini Lida Company for railway

Philips Holzman Company

National Company factory

Al Hijaz Est.

Saudi World Trade Centre Co.

Al Atheium Companies Group

Najim Company for Insurance Management Services

Saudi Re-insurance Company "Saudi er" (under foundation/ establishment)




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