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P r a c t i c e






Establishment of Companies and Enterprises

Our Firm helps our clients in establishing all kinds and patterns of companies from joint stock companies, limited partnership companies, joint-liability companies and all other conventional types of companies regulated in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or any other country.




Trade Agencies

Our Firm helps our foreign clients to choose local agencies and trade distributors by providing all legal and Shari’a law consultations related. This includes registering the trade agencies and ensuring  our clients a better carry out of their work.





Labor and Workers

Our legal consultants have a wide knowledge of the Labor Regulations which enables them to provide a wide range of legal consultations that protects their client’s rights whether they are employees or employers and represents them before the relevant committees for settling labor disputes. 





Energy and Metal

The Law Firm of “ Ahmed Zaki Yamani - Lawyers and Legal Consultants” provides consultations for national and foreign oil and gas companies that have concessions for investing oil and gas fields as well as the producers of oil and petrochemical products. Our Firm represents such companies before the competent judicial authorities concerning their financial rights against the state, or the local institutions.





Financial Services

Our Firm formulates Conventional and/or Islamic financing agreements and provides legal consultations to the local and international financial institutions concerning all matters related to their financial activities such as investment funds and various means of financing.





Disputes Settlement

Due to the great experience of our legal consultants, and their long and constant practice of Arbitration cases , our Firm represents our clients in resolving any disagreement that may arise between them and others through the Alternative Dispute Settlement methods such as Arbitration and Compromise in order to avoid going to courts and to save the partie’s time.





Pleading before Judicial and Administrative Boards

Our Firm represents our clients before the competent judicial and administrative boards such as the Shari’a Court, the Board of Grievances, the Labor Office and the Trade Paper Disputes Resolution Committee…etc.





Collecting Debts

In addition to providing legal consultation for our clients , our Firm takes on collecting debts for creditors. This includes submitting complaints against debtors who refuse or delay due payments through the official channels and prosecute them wherever they and/or their properties may be .






Intellectual Property Rights

Our Firm presents consultations concerning the protection of Intellectual Property Rights beside the registration and the renewal of Trade Marks and the representation of our clients before the competent committees at the concerned judicial and administrative bodies . In addition, our Firm deals with the registration of Invention Patents applications and the follow up of the disputes that may result from violating the Author’s Rights .





Industrial Investments

Our Firm provides all consultations necessary for national or foreign industrial companies and we guide the foreign companies towards choosing partners for them from within the Kingdom, if they wish to. We also take charge of all the required procedures in order to obtain the permissions of the investment of the foreign capital.






Governmental Contracts

Our Firm represents national and foreign contracting companies in regard to their projects in the Middle East as well as disputes resulting from governmental contracts.





Maritime  Transportation

Our Firm is ready to provide all legal consultations required for companies working in this field including for instance companies transporting oil and goods, the protection and insurance institutions and the local agents of ships owners, and we are also to represent them in the investigations and lawsuit regarding their claims against others.





Export Licenses and Procedures of Import , Customs and Boycott Rules

Our Firm is provided with a great knowledge that makes it capable of offering all required services in such fields. The Law Firm of “ Ahmed Zaki Yamani ” can present all consultations in connection to the services of the comparison of taxes in order to find the similarity between the effects of taxation laws in different countries. Our services will help our clients benefit from the differences in the international application of taxation laws.




Cooperation With International Law Firms

Our Firm cooperates with many reputable international legal institutions  which help in providing our clients with legal consultations concerning the interpretation and application of foreign laws to help our clients to carry out their business on international levels with no difficulties or complications .

In addition to the legal services required by our clients , our Firm helps by providing the suitable legal strategies by leading them to the means that would ensure the accomplishment of the aim of their activities.





The Translation Department

Our Firm provides translation services from English to Arabic and vice-versa for all kinds of documents, certificates and contracts.

Our translators have a wide experience in translating all sorts of documents such as scientific, legal, technical documents and graduation certificates.

We also offer our clients an official certification service by the relevant governmental bodies of all translated documents.





The Marital Status

As a result protects unity of society. Subsequently, we provide Consultation regarding Marriage, Divorce, Custody, Alimony and all other related matters.





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